Krstan Wine Cellar

Krstan Wine Cellar

Teran wine has been produced by four generations of the Krstan family so far. Throughout the years, we have perfected our production procedure, in both our vineyards and our wine cellar, so that we now bottle premium wines – just as we like it best. You can taste our traditional wines, namely Krstan Teran and Vrhota, which is partially barriqued. Moreover, one can always taste something special in our wine cellar. We will be happy to show you our wine cellar and our farm.

We can take you on a tour of our village Skopo or across the Karst grasslands called gmajna where you can learn all about the historical and natural sites of our area.

Opening hours

Our farm is our home. You are welcome any day of the week in the afternoon or evening or during weekends. Please announce your visit in advance so we can fully dedicate our time to you and cater to your desires.

  • For groups
  • Accessible tourism
  • Pets welcome
  • Bike friendly

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