Kras Brkini Bikes

You can explore the Karst and Brkini on a rented traditional or electric bike. The automated bike-sharing system enables a registered user to borrow a bike from one of several available stations and return it to any of them. The Karst and Brkini destination has 9 bike sharing locations, with 12 traditional and 33 electric bikes.

Locations of the stations

Komen – main square “Na placu”,  OMV, Komen 119 a, Komen
Štanjel – bus station,  Štanjel 41, Štanjel
Sežana – near the Srečko Kosovel Primary School, Kosovelova ulica 6, Sežana
Sežana – near the municipal building , Trg 28. avgusta, Sežana
Pliskovica – carpark at the entrance of the village, Pliskovica (currently not in operation)
Divača – carpark near the EV charging station, access from the street Trg 15. aprila 1 b, Divača
Divača – carpark near the Divača Community Health Centre, ulica 1. maja, Divača
Kozina – near the Žaga Park, Istrska ulica 19, Kozina
Rodik – near the community centre, Rodik 6, Rodik

Station map

Purchase of package

Registration and purchase of a package can be carried out in two ways:

  • In person at the headquarters of municipalities, i.e. TIC points, where the user fills out the registration form with real data, the authenticity of which is verified by means of a valid personal ID.
  • On the  Mobiln.si mobile app, where the user fills out the registration form with real data for which the user guarantees with e-payment.

If a user creates a user account (see point 2 above) and pays online, all payments are processed by the PayPal Holdings, Inc. online payment system.

Bike-sharing price list

Service Price
Daily package for renting a traditional or electric bike €5.00
Annual package for renting a traditional or electric bike €25.00
Card issuing €2.50
Prices are in € and include VAT.

Valid packages enable the user to rent a traditional and an electric bike alike.

  • The daily package enables the rental of a bike (the selected type) for 840 min on the day the package is purchased. The package is valid for 24 hours as of the first rental and/or account activation.
  • The annual package enables the rental of a bike (the selected type) for 840 min on the day the package is purchased. Minutes are counted down from the start of rental until the bike is returned. Every start of the week the balance returns to 840 min and is not added to the remaining balance of the previous week. The package is valid for 365 days as of the day of purchase.
The price list applies as of 1 July 2022.

Instructions for renting a bike

  • At the Kras Brkini Bikes stop, choose the bike you want to rent.

  • Before renting, please check that the bike is in good condition.

  • Go to the computer terminal (kiosk) with the LCD screen and press on the screen to start. Select your language and follow the on-screen instructions. The system can only be used with the "Kras Brkini Bikes" user card or with a username and password or the Mobiln.si mobile app.
  • To log in to the system, please place your "Kras Brkini Bikes" card on the screen.
  • Enter your PIN code (the four-digit number that came with your card) and confirm. If you do not have this card, enter your username and password.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to rent bikes or other services.
  • If you decide to rent a bike, wait for the system to check all the locks and tell you which bikes are available. It will give you numbers from 1 to 10, which represent the lock numbers. The number of locks in the station and therefore the number offered on the screen can vary.
  • Once you have selected one of the wheels, wait for the system to process your selection and confirm it.
  • Once confirmed, you have 20 seconds to walk up to the lock containing the selected bike and press the silver button, which will flash green, to unlock the lock.
  • After pressing the button, grasp the bike by the seat with one hand and the handlebars with the other hand; in one movement, push the bike forward slightly first and then pull the bike backwards to remove it from the lock.
  • If for any reason you are unable to remove the bike from the lock, push the bike firmly back into the lock to make sure it is locked and repeat the rental process from the beginning.
  • Once you have successfully rented and completed the ride, simply push the bike back into the lock, only harder, to lock it. Always be sure to check that the bike is actually locked before you leave. If you have successfully locked the bike, the button on the lock will light up blue.
  • If the button on the lock is red, this is a warning that you have not inserted the bike correctly and you must repeat the return procedure.
  • Until you return the wheel, the credits (minutes) available in your package will be counted down.
  • If all locks are occupied when you arrive or there are no free bikes at the station, please wait until the maintenance service arrives or go to the next station.
  • In case of technical problems or system malfunction, please call the number displayed on each station.
The bike-sharing system is implemented in the framework of the “Cycling Chain in the Countryside” project, co-financed by the European Union from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Republic of Slovenia from the Rural Development Programme of the RS 2014–2020. The Rural Development Programme of the RS 2014–2020 is managed by the Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food.

The first operation of the system was co-financed in the framework of the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia 2014–2020 cooperation programme, from the European Regional Development Fund and the national funds. / Pubblicazione finanziata nell’ambito del Programma di Cooperazione Interreg V-A Italia-Slovenia 2014-2020, finanziato dal Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale.

Štanjel Castle Visitor Centre
Visitor center Mitski park Rodik
TIC Sežana
The Museum of Slovenian Film Actors

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