The first written record of Sežana dates back to the year 1805 and today it is the administrative and political centre of the Karst region, even though in the recent past the land of the former larger municipality changed several times, resulting in the present division into four municipalities. The borders of the present Municipality of Sežana cover an area which is entirely Karstic. 

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This town has many attractive sights. The botanical garden at Villa Mirasasso and winetasting at the largest winemaker, Teran PTP at the Vinakras winery, are unforgettable. Along the road to the Lipica Stud Farm you can view the statue of poet Srečko Kosovel in front of the house where he was born and visit its small museum. Enjoy a bike ride to the stud farm or a walk through the Karst Living Museum, a microcosm of the area with its concentration of karst features.

Tours are available by prior arrangement.

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