The name derives from the pools (lokev) in which the villagers collected water for their household, while the cattle drank from the ponds.

lokevThe most prominent cultural monument is the defence tower on Tabor, which was built in 1485 by the Venetians for protection against the Turks. Later it served as the village granary, whereas today it is rearranged into a museum. The Templar Knights built the parish church of St Mihael exhibiting frescoes of Tone Kralj. Nearby, stands the gothic chapel of Marija pomočnica from 1426. On the top of the hill above Lokev stands the kaštelir Klemenka. Remains of the church of St Klemen, the sheep patron, are still visible on the plateau. The villagers prayed to him to keep the wolves away

from their sheep. Kokoš nad Lokvijo (670m) is one of the peaks on the hills separating the Sežana Karst from the gulf of Trieste (Italian border). Several strolling, cycling and riding paths are also arranged.

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