This village is situated in the centre of the wine-growing region and was first mentioned in 1278, while the traces of settlement that were found date far back in the prehistory.

dutovlje tomaj poletjeIn the centre of the village there is a church of St. George from the 15th century, which was a stronghold of the Knights Templar. The last remains of the large walls which surrounded the church were destroyed in 1965 and a block of flats, a shop, a post-office and an outpatients’ department were built on this spot. In the previous century the graves with urns and a treasure from the Roman period was found near the railway station. The treasure is kept in the museums in Vienna and Gorizia. There is also an interesting village well with an engraved monogram of Christ and a sacret heart from 1848. Towards the village Kreplje is the Austro-Hungarian military cemetery. In August, on the schoolyard, there is a traditional event called Praznik terana in pršuta.

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