The monument of peace and a viewing tower Cerje

The Monument to the defenders of Slovenian Cerje.

At the far edge of the Karst plateau, The monument of peace and a viewing tower Cerje is rising to the sky as a stone giant, with a glimpse of the four sides of the sky. From here, the Adriatic Sea, the Friuli Valley, the Julian Alps and the Vipava valley are more beautiful than anywhere else in Slovenia. At the height of 21 meters at the top of the memorial, we feel the freedom of birds and experience the beauty of our places in all colors of nature.

Monumental monument, founded on the initiative of the TIGR patriotic organization in memory of all who fought and fall on this territory, is designed as a seven-storey tower.

The content of the exhibition through various conferences of Slovene history connects the past and the future, from prehistoric times and periods of world wars, to the war for the independence of Slovenia and the last floor with a viewing platform that symbolizes the view into the future. Borderless, like a flight of birds nesting in the heights.

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TIMETABLE Memorial to the Defenders of the Slovenian Land on Cerje Hill

         Summer schedule: (April 1- October 31) Wednesday - Sunday : 10.00-18.00

         Winter schedule ( November 1 - March 31)Wednesday - Sunday : 10.00-16.00

           Closed :  1st of november, Christmas and  New Year

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Contact and guided tours:

-  Miren-Kostanjevica Tourism: +386 31 310 800


- TD Cerje : +386 31 477 412 


- Jamarski klub Temnica: +386 (0)40 353 338



On the north side of the tower you can enjoy "coffee with a view" at the Vipava River, Brda, Trnovo plateau, the Alps and the Dolomites at the Cerje Restaurant. We spoil the guests with the taste of the Karst, which ripen on the Karst terra rossa and are seasoned with karst bora and the flavors of the Vipava Valley, where the best meat products are dried. Goodies get a special taste alongside local drops of local providers. In a modern but at the same time a home-made ambience we will pamper you and make your trip to the Karst plateau more fun if you visit us on foot or by bicycles.