The Škocjan Caves

Škocjan Caves were included in the UNESCO world heritage sites list in 1986.

They are located in the extreme northeast part of the classical Karst area, near Divača. Due to its extraordinary underground canyon, basic research on Karst phenomena, rich archaeological heritage. and great biodiversity, Škocjan Caves were included in the UNESCO  natural and cultural world heritage sites list in1986. In 1999 it was addedto the Ramsart List of Wetlands of International Importance as an underground wetland site. In 2004, the entire park area was included in UNESCO’ MAB programme as the Karst Biosphere Reserve. The Škocjan Caves system comprises numerous caves and passages collapse dolines, natural bridges and sinkholes. It was created by the Reka river, which flows some 50 km on the surface and then sinks into the karst underground, resurfancing again at Timavo springs near the Gulf of Trieste.

The regional park comprises a unique landscape that brings together a large number of natural valuable features or natural heritage in the form of Karst or other phenomena and interesting features. The regional park constitutes a typical “Karst architecture” with its system of caves, collapse dolines and individual natural monuments. The unique distribution of flora and fauna co-existing in an extremely small area proves that this is a highly diverse region in terms of both biotic and abiotic parameters and simultaneously a vulnerable one. With the assistance of local residents, the Park's employees pay attention mainly to the preservation of natural ecosystems and life in the genuine natural environment.

The park Škocjan Caves invite you to:

  • Škocjan Caves guided tours (1,5 h)
  • Mahorčič Cave, Marinič Cave and Mala dolina (1h)
  • Gostilna Mahnič in the Škocjan Caves Park and  tourist farm Pr Betanci
  • Touristic facilities in the Park's core area
  • see typical rural architecture (include the stone roof and the Betanc farm), V’nck farm, J’ kopin barn.
  • education Trail
  • museum collections 

More informations: Škocjan Caves Park 


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