Karst paths of peace

6 km to 15 km
3 to 6 hours
Fitness level required

Tell-tale remnants of World War I

Over 100 years ago, the notorious Battles of the Isonzo (‘Soška fronta’) also changed the fate of the western part of the Karst. Today, the paths of peace run among preserved remains of the Great War. Near the village of Lokvica, up on the Cerje Hill, a monumental Peace Memorial commemorates the memory of those who defended the Slovenian homeland. Cerje is the starting point of many hiking paths in the Karst that lead, across the picturesque gmajna grasslands, to many interesting monuments, artillery positions, trenches, caverns and even karst caves the army used as operating bases.

The paths of peace that spread from the Cerje Hill and the villages of Lokvica, Temnica, Opatje selo, Brestovica and Škrbina are appealing any time of the year. You will be fascinated by the beautiful karst landscape, whereas the views from the Cerje Hill and the Karst will leave you in awe. The trails across the Karst plateau are less demanding, while the ascent to the Karst edge and the Trstelj Hill require a good level of fitness. The trails are connected with the peace trails on the Italian side of the border, allowing you to then continue your hiking trip if you wish.

Length of trail
6 km to 15 km
3 to 6 hours
Fitness level required
partly high
Sights along the trail
  • Pečinka Cave
  • Borojević Stone Throne
  • Cerje Peace Memorial
TIC Turizem Miren-Kostanjevica

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