Karst Living Museum

depends on route taken
2 to 4 hours
Fitness level required

A treasure trove of karst phenomena

This open-air museum beckons you to discover the awe-inspiring natural wonders of the Karst. You can see dolines, collapse dolines, depressions, limestone pavements and entrances to many underground caves. The largest section of the park forms part of Natura 2000 and in 2017 was selected as the best thematic trail in Slovenia. You can walk the entire trail or choose any of the short, semi-circular routes that lead past village ponds, wells, stone houses, stone ‘mushrooms’ and many other special features revealed in the Karst Living Museum.

Length of trail
depends on route taken
2 to 4 hours
Fitness level required
Sights along the trail
  • well
  • shepherd’s corbelled huts
  • limestone pavement
  • natural forma viva
  • stone ‘mushrooms’
  • old gunpowder warehouse
  • Golokratna Cave
  • Napoleon’s oak tree…
TIC Sežana

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