Homestead Vrbin

30-45 minutes

The Vrbin family is known for truly taking care of embracing guests. They invite you to come and avoid the daily bustle and visit their farm located in the village of Kačiče Pared near Divača, in the middle of Karst meadows and vineyards. They produce all they can by themselves and buy the rest from local farmers.

The Vrbin family will pamper you with dry-cured meat products made from hand-reared pigs, while children can enjoy homemade apple juice. Hospitality is part of the household’s DNA and is passed down from one generation to the next. They are proud to have preserved their Karst authenticity and tranquillity. That’s why during summer, while sitting on the terrace with a glass of wine in hand, you will hear crickets and unwind as you take in the view of the landscape.

Offer includes:

  • Tasting of Karst meat products
    Includes: meat products and cheese with homemade treats, two glasses of local wine
    Duration: 30 minutes
    Price: €12/person
  • Tasting of Karst meat products with a tour
    Includes: meat products and cheese with homemade treats, two glasses of local wine and a guided tour
    Duration: 45 minutes
    Price: €18/person

Opening hours

  • Tuesday (at 11.00, 16.00, 18.00)
  • Thursday (at 11.00, 16.00, 18.00)

Contact person: Irena Iskra Miklavčič
Telephone: 00 386 41 473 905
E-mail: info@vrbin.si

To register, first reserve your intended date and arrival time by telephone or e-mail.

30-45 minutes
Language of experience
Slovenian, Italian, English
From €12/person

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