Herbs and shepherds’ games in Karst people’s daily lives

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2 hours

Pepa’s Karst garden and Pepa’s Story – two masterly arranged gardens – present the typical Karst landscape. The gardens’ designers have created two amazing stories about the Karst’s natural and cultural heritage. During the herbal workshop and by playing some shepherds’ games visitors learn about some unique aspects of the nature and cultural landscape of the Karst. Both gardens have received prestigious international awards.

The package includes:

  • a guided tour of Pepa’s Karst garden and Pepa’s Story,
  • a presentation of the Karst cultural landscape and way of life in the Karst,
  • presentation of herbs and their healing properties,
  • making of tea bags from the already dried herbs,
  • presentation of shepherds' games,
  • playing of shepherds' games.

Opening hours

From Monday to Friday, only available by prior arrangement.

2 hours
Language of experience
Number of persons
min 10
from €10.00 per person
TIC Dutovlje

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