Friendship Trail

4 km
3 to 4 hours
Fitness level required

On an ancient salt trading route

One of the many interesting trails in the Glinščica Valley area runs along an ancient salt trading route used for many centuries by Carniolan tradesmen who obtained salt from the Trieste salt works. Legend has it that it was also used by Martin Krpan, a vigorous man who smuggled salt on the back of his mule and later became a Slovenian literary hero.

The Friendship Trail can start in the Italian village of Bagnoli della Rosandra (Boljunec), continue to Botazzo (Botač) and all the way to the Slovenian villages of Beka and Ocizla. You can also pick a circular trail, in which case you start your hike in Beka, near the former border guardhouse, and descend along the steeper and more attractive path to Botazzo. Then return to the chapel of St. Laurence in Beka, by taking the flatter path.

Length of trail
4 km
3 to 4 hours
Fitness level required
medium high
Sights along the trail
  • legendary salt trading route
  • Glinščica Valley
  • karst phenomena
TIC Hrpelje - Kozina

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