24 km
Fitness level required

Across the central part of Brkini

Pregarje – Rjavče – Tatre – Kozjane – Suhorje – Ostrožno Brdo – Prelože – Pregarje

The trail starts off in the Pregarje village and cuts across the central part of Brkini. It takes you to ridges on pleasant and less-travelled roads, offering a splendid view of the Čičarija region, Mt Slavnik, Mt Nanos, Mt Snežnik and the Pivka Basin. Over the past few centuries, this hilly landscape, where sheep were bred in old times, has become better known for fruit growing. The famous ‘fruit route’ winds through the landscape, allowing you to stop by at local farms and take a sip of the genuine Brkinian plum brandy and homemade fruit juices. Pregarje is a typical village located along the Brkini Fruit Route, while Tatre boasts a beautiful linden tree in the centre of the village and a large stone table beneath it. The village of Kozjane was named after the Slovenian word for goats, “koze”, which were highly appreciated domestic animals in times gone past. In Ostrožno Brdo, perched on top of a ridge, the old partisan hospital that operated during World War II has been renovated and opened to the public as a memorial. Enjoy a few more less demanding rises and descents through the wonderful green Brkini and you’ll quickly find yourself back at the starting point.

Length of trail
24 km
Total ascent
874 m
Suitable for
mountain bike
asphalt, macadam
Fitness level required
medium high
Sights along the trail
  • The Brkini Fruit Route
TIC Hrpelje - Kozina

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