This dream-like land is famous for its apples and mysterious škoromati carnival costumes.

Brkini is a unique world. This scenic land, caught between the valley of the Reka River in the north, Mt. Snežnik in the east and the wooded Čičarija region in the south, is best known for its flysch soil and unique climate where the climate of the Continent merges with that of the Mediterranean. Hilly Brkini is a simply beautiful region, its remoteness gives it a dream-like quality, and Brkinian life seems to unfold more slowly. The first impression already promises an ideal environment for relaxation in the midst of unspoiled nature. Once you start exploring, amazing sights pop up before you in every stride.

Brkini is long famous for producing high-quality fruit, mostly apples and plums. Fruit producers can be found all along the Brkini Fruit Route. Many of them distil the famous plum brandy called slivovec, as well as other fruit brandies, whereas homemade apple juice, apple vinegar and dried fruit slices are always on offer at fruit farms. The abundance of fruit in Brkini is reflected in its traditional dishes. The most famous include sweet plum dumplings made from potato dough.

The hills of Brkini are ideal for hiking and cycling. The local roads, with some leading into the wooded Čičarija region, make an excellent choice for all who prefer cycling on less busy roads and ‘chilling out’ in intact nature. The picturesque churches on the hilltops and old villages invite you to take a rest and lend an ear to a few local tales. A truly relaxing break is awaiting you at remote tourist farms. Peace, such a rare item today, together with delicious food accompanied by a shot of homemade brandy are a special sort of luxury that will see you wanting to return for more.

During the winter Carnival, the Brkini region reveals another, equally unique image. This is the home of škoromati, the oldest carnival costumes in Europe to be mentioned in historical sources. These colourful traditional carnival costumes are a true feast for the eyes, making the carnival dedicated to chasing winter away a truly unforgettable experience.


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