Beekeeper Atelšek

Beekeeper Atelšek

Family beekeeping centre with about 300 special “AZ” hives, and the necessary facilities and equipment.

We offer all types of honey of the “Kraški med” brand, with the European Geographical Indication, and many other honey products (royal jelly, pollen, propolis, candles and wax, mead and liqueur, api-set, etc.).

We have an air-conditioned exhibition and promotion hall to welcome visitors – buyers, beekeepers and demonstrators. This hall, covering 250 sq m, is used for expert lectures, beekeeping promotions and honey assessments.

Following our own innovation and project, we produce only RF turning points and other equipment suitable for larger beekeepers.

Opening hours

We are open all year round.

For larger groups, prior reservation is advisable.


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