Aubergine spread in extra virgin olive oil – 180 g

Aubergine spread in extra virgin olive oil – 180 g

Silver prize of the Tourist Association of Slovenia at the Mediterranean & Karst Slovenia culinary and gourmet souvenir contest

The spread is made from cold-cut naturally ripened aubergines from the Vipava Valley, seasoned with home-grown parsley and garlic and topped with mild extra-virgin olive oil – simple and delicious!

Under our maQfino brand, we process locally grown vegetables and preserve them in extra-virgin olive oil. We follow the tradition of old recipes that contain no preservatives or other artificial additives.

Our motto is: natural, healthy, tasty. We buy vegetables from local producers and preserve them while they are still fresh. We expand and change our assortment by inspiration and according to what nature has to offer in our environment in every season of the year.

In the winter, when the fields and gardens rest, we add some special jams to our range.

The owners of maQfino are Irena and Denis. We are dedicated to offer home-made culinary treats to all those who prefer natural, healthy and delicious food.

How to use:

  • on its own,
  • as a snack with cheese, white wine and various cold meats,
  • as an addition to mixed salads and sauces, 
  • as a stuffing in vegetable pies,
  • as a topping on pizza, bruschetta, etc.

We offer a single pot or gift packages that include one or two pots.
Price of one pot: EUR 5.90 + postal charge
Single gift package: EUR 6.50 + postal charge
Double gift package: EUR 13 + postal charge
Delivery across Slovenia and abroad.
Personal pick-up possible by prior agreement. 

You can order this culinary tourist souvenir at info@maqfino.si or the contacts below.

A traditional seaside culinary treat that has slowly but persistently been appearing in continental cuisine. A spread that gives character to any slice of bread.


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