Along the former railway track

12 km
6 to 7 hours
Fitness level required

From Kozina to Trieste or the other way around

This popular recreational trail runs on the abandoned railway track stretching from Trieste to Hrpelje which operated between 1887 and 1959. The railway track was built by the Austro-Hungarian empire to connect Trieste and Bohinj in a very short time and was a special construction feat. Many former stations and railway facilities are preserved, including tunnels dug into rock. This easy hiking and cycle trail runs through pristine karst nature and offers many beautiful views, while it is also a unique monument of industrial heritage.

Length of trail
12 km
6 to 7 hours
Fitness level required
Sights along the trail
  • abandoned Trieste–Hrpelje railway track
TIC Hrpelje - Kozina

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