Metropolitan Karst

Centre of Muggia/Milje – via of the Serbatoio (Muggia) – lakes of Noghere – Vignano – Caresana/
Mačkolje – Dolga Krona – Dolina – Sant’Antonio in Bosco/Boršt – San Giuseppe della Chiusa/
Ricmanje – Longera/Lonjer – beginning of bike trail Cottur – via Costalunga – via della Pace – via Slavich – via dell’Istria – largo Baiamonti – via dell’Istria – piazzale Valmaura – via Flavia – piazzale Cagni – via Flavia – Muggia/Milje.


Leave behind the Venetian atmosphere of the centre of Muggia (for a long time under the
domination of the Republic of Venice), and move towards the four small hamlets isolated
and perched above the coast which offer a special view: Caresana, Sant’Antonio in Bosco, St.
Giuseppe and Longera. Along the way you will find peace near the small lakes of Noghere where
ducks, herons and cormorants, as well as amphibians and reptiles take a break. If you’re there
on its opening days (usually Saturday), pay a visit to Dolga Krona, a centre selling local products
(oil of international quality, wine, honey and other local delicacies).

Beware of car traffic.

Points of interest

  • Muggia’s historic centre
  • Lakes of Noghere


  • local products sold at Dolga Krona
  • the view of the Rosandra Valley and the Gulf of Trieste during the itinerary

Thought for: city bike

Surface: tarmac road

Level of difficulty:

Length of itinerary:

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