Between World War I and nature

Doberdò del lago (Visitors’ Centre Gradina) – Devetachi – Mount San Michele – Park of the Hills of Polazzo – Austro-Hungaric Cemetery of Fogliano – Shrine of Redipuglia – Medeazza/Medja vas – Doberdò del lago

The start is from the Visitors’ Centre of Gradina, dedicated to the nature of this area and to the two large karstic depressions where large ponds appear and disappear fed by aquifers according to the season and the rains that swell the rivers Isonzo/Soča and Vipacco/Vipava. The area is the realm of biodiversity, which finds one of its peaks of beauty on the Hills of Polazzo from where you may visit the stony grounds consecrated by the blood of thousands of victims killed in the First World War fighting. Many ruins and monuments to the martyrdom of the people are found along this journey that invites us to reflect on the sacrifice of so many lives and can then be completed at one of the many osmize of Medeazza for a refreshment stop.



Points of interest


  • Hills of Polazzo
  • Sacred area of Monte San Michele


  • the osmizze of Medeazza
  • the history of Monte San Michele
  • the Austro-Hungarian Cemetery of Fogliano
  • lakes of Doberdò and Pietrarossa

Thought for: MTB

Surface: tarmac and dirt road Level of difficulty:

Length of itinerary:



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