In the heart of Trieste’s Karst

Obelisco di Opicina/Opčine – Zolla/Col – Sagrado/Zagradec – Monrupino/Repentabor – Rupingrande/Repen – Sgonico/Zgonik – Samatorza/Samatorca – Prepotto/ Praprot – Slivia/Slivno – Malchina/Mavhinje – San Pelagio/Šempolaj – Sales – Gabrovizza/Gabrovica – Borgo Grotta Gigante/Briščik – Opicina/Opčine 


This trail offers unique emotions through a landscape that cuts across views of the gulf, vineyards, orchards and karstic scrub; do not forget a visit to the Giant Cave, one of the largest natural caves on the planet. Then, between Sgonico and Malchina you’ll be on the Gemina path, one of the most beautiful routes designed for mountain biking (but also on foot or horseback), which runs along an ancient Roman trail and offers many memorable dining places, usually signposted by a branch of ivy: they are the osmize, or simple farms which are open to visitors for short periods of the year according to a Habsburg tradition serving home-made food.



Points of interest

1.Best one: • Giant Cave (Grotta Grande)


  • The osmize along the Gemina path
  • The natural wine cellars in Prepotto
  • The view of Trieste from the Napoleonic road
  • Repen’s Karst house

Thought for: MTB

Surface: partly on dirt road (on Gemina) and partly asphalt (also car trafficked)

Length of itinerary: 43 km

Altitude: 700 m


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