A peaceful piece of Karst

Opicina/Opčine – Trebiciano/Trebče – Basovizza/Bazovica (The route mainly follows the B road) – Josef Ressel path – Lipica – Sežana – Povir – Brestovica pri Povirju – Štorje – Podbreže – Grahovo Brdo – Križ – Dutovlje – Monrupino/Repentabor – Opicina/Opčine


The first goal is to experience the Ressel path which until the early twentieth century was an ancient connection road of the Austro-Hungarian Empire with a heavy international traffic of goods and people. Another destination is the old stables at Lipica whose splendid horses have long supplied the imperial court in Vienna. A complete view of the Gulf of Trieste and of the Karst can only be enjoyed from the sanctuary of Monrupino/Repentabor, a mystical location and a defensive ancient barrier from the Turks. This route also offers the opportunity to enjoy the Karst ham, seasoned with salt, ventilated by the bora and worked according to ancient techniques.



The route is partially on car roads.

Points of interest

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Thought for: city bike and MTB

Surface: tarmac, dirt road

Level of difficulty: average

Length of itinerary: 50 km

Altitude: 640 m


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