From the Karst to the Gulf of Trieste

Pliskovica – Kosovelje – Gabrovica – Komen – Volčji Grad – Gorjansko – Brestovica – Jamlje/Jamiano – Sesljan/Sistiana: nekdanja hiša Aiat (beginning of Rilke's path) – Mavhnje/Malchina – Prelaz Šempolaj/Valico di San Pelagio – Brje – Pliskovica 


From one of the towns at the centre of the Karst (Pliskovica), this route allows you to reach Sistiana and from there the Rilke path to enjoy the unforgettable views of the cliffs of Duino. Passing through small villages which are pearls of our countryside, you will have the opportunity to stop at some ecological farms, above the aquifers of Brestovica (which serve thousands of people) and sniff the fragrance of the mix between typical Mediterranean vegetation, chalky stones and sea. Continuing on, you will flank the San Leonardo and the Lanaro hills that form the border between Italy and Slovenia and are also one of the first barriers between the Central European and the Mediterranean climate.



Once in Sistiana off the back roads, pay attention to traffic.

Points of interest

1.Best one:

  • View of the sea and the cliffs from Rilke’s path


  • Duino Castle
  • The Malchina farms open to the public, called ‘osmize’ or ‘osmice’ in Slovene
  • Karst pond framed by the old stone village of Volčji Grad
  • The romantic road among fields between Pliskovica and Brestovica


Thought for: city bicycles

Surface: tarmac roads, trafficked roads

Level of difficulty: average

Length of itinerary: 55 km

Altitude: 980 m


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